Hubbard cops a slaying from Bernard Orsman

Fact and friction – how it adds upFormer mayor John Banks has been rarking up Dick Hubbard with a number of claims on the hustings. Mr Hubbard says Mr Banks has been spreading a litany of untruths and half-truths. One such testy exchange between the two arch-rivals… [Auckland News]

Dick Hubbard would have spat his "Not So Sweet" (I wonder if that product really does have the Heart Foundation Tick?) across the kitchen table this morning when reading Bernard Orsman destruction of his rhetoric. Dick has been bad mouthing Banksie all over the hustings and this morning copped a spanking even David Benson-pope would enjoy.

All the frothing by Hubbard that Banksie has lied was shown up to be nothing but frothy spittle and in facts lies from "The Dick".

After comprehensively showing us all he is completely out of his depth and proving his research unit at the council doesn't even do basic fact checking before letting the fool open his mouth he removes any lingering doubt about his capabilities with his pithy an frankly empty b.s. about the thing Banksie has been saying.

In point of fact Banksie is 100% right on everything he has said and Dick, no surprises given his form, 100% wrong.?