Hubbard says running Auckland was 'no easy task'

Hubbard says running Auckland was 'no easy task'Ousted Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard has spoken out about the tough times he faced in his single term as leader of the country's largest city.
Mr Hubbard, the cereal maker and political novice, was tipped out of office yesterday…
[Auckland News]

Poor old Dick Hubbard, he probably slept the best nights sleep for a while after being dumped as Mayor. Unfortunately for Dick he was used and abused by the Labour party for their own ends and when he became a liability they dumped him quicker than the voters of Auckland.

Dick is a nice guy, but when it comes to politics and especially the politics of the left wing poor old Dick would be out of his depth in a carpark puddle.

Bernard Orsman sums up neatly his political failings;

[quote]The breakfast food supremo never really looked confident at the wheel during his term. His strong public mandate was undermined almost straight away by his deputy and City Vision leader, Bruce Hucker. Their skirmishes led to the perception of Mr Hubbard being a lame duck mayor.

He was not helped by having to work so closely with the City Vision bloc, which failed to look after him and went crazy with the chequebook, hiking household rates by 33 per cent, water rates by 20 per cent and taking business class travel junkets.

Mr Hubbard also became the scapegoat for badly managed projects like Vulcan Lane, Khartoum Place and Queen St.

Nor did he do himself any favours by dying in a ditch over water rates. He refused to accept the findings of a parliamentary inquiry accusing the council of misleading ratepayers, well after all his opponents had run for cover.[/quote]

Dick has learnt a valuable lesson and that is running a city with a council of profligate spenders is not at all like running a privately owned cereal company.?