Hubbard team forced Brewer to say nice things about Dick

In an exclusive interview with Whaleoil, Cameron Brewer tells of his virtual kidnapping and torture by Hubbard and his Henchmen.

John Banks' former press secretary Cameron Brewer has told Whaleoil he was effectively hijacked by the Dick Hubbard's campaign team and made to speak into a video camera for the mayor's campaign website.

"I was terrified. They surrounded and cornered me and made me say things about Dick Hubbard. I felt very intimidated and afraid. I had just popped into a caf? in Newmarket when a couple of guys in matching pin-stripe suits with orange ties come up to me and indicated I needed to obey."

"The mind boggles what they would have done if I had refused to play ball. I found the whole experiencing frightening and what they made me say was simply humiliating. I was physically choking trying to get any supportive words out about Dick," said an emotional Mr Brewer who has since been in therapy.

Reminiscent of RAF pilots in the first Gulf War forced to praise Saddam, the video footage shows a grinning Mr Hubbard in on the torturous act and on the other side of Mr Brewer it is clear he is being prodded in the ribs with something.

Brewer was deeply hurt by this whole experience and now hangs his head in shame at not resisting more forcefully Hubbards Henchmen.

He says he is now frightened and ashamed to show his face in Newmarket shops and cafes and feels violated. His job now hangs in the balance as he can no longer schmooze and he has had to cut his lunch times down to 3 hours as a result.