I'm quoted by the Gluc today

I bet Dick Hubbard is wishing he never left a voicemail message on Cameron Brewer's cellphone. Not only has his pointless and puerile message given me and other fertile grounds for showing up his ineptitude, we got to do so repeatedly over several weeks. To add insult injury The Gluc has details about Cameron Brewer's bet with Dick and quotes me calling Dick, a Dick.

Priceless that message was, priceless for me and priceless for John Banks.

Come Saturday afternoon 13 October 2007 the raucous sound of shredders will be eminating from the ex-Mayors office and the wheelie bins will be pouring in as the left clears their desks.

i wonder who has that contract as it could well be very lucrative.

Alex Swiney will also be looking for another job surely. I mean it will be very hard to work with a Mayor you just spent the good part of $40k slagging off all over town with your silly billboards.

Maybe Me-chelle will organise something suitably sychophantic for him somewehere, either her or the 9 hangerson that constitute Swiney's fan club.

Rumours are starting to hit the street from the Mayor's office that his exit polling that he conducted last week is showing a trouncing that will significantly reverse his result from last time. Mayor Dick will shuffle off in ignominy destined to join the list of one term mayors of Auckland City.

Meanwhile John Banks should get to kick the curse once and for all making an astonishing comeback.

On Friday night Whaleoil will publish a predicted result for Auckland City.