It's that time of the year again

Isn't it ironic that the Hideous Hag is announcing her new cabinet of ghouls on Halloween. I bet she didn't think of that when she selected the date. Anyway since it is that time of the year again here is the handy Whaleoil Halloween mask making instructions again.

Download this image and save it somewhere convenient. I saved it to match A4?dimensions.


Print the?mask

The Photo Printing Wizard in Windows XP will print a photo that is large enough for a mask. Make sure to use thick-or heavy stock-photo paper so your mask is?durable.

  1. Open the folder in which you saved your cropped image.
  2. Click Print pictures under Picture?Tasks.
  3. In the Photo Printing Wizard, click?Next.
  4. Click to select the photo you want to print by making sure that the
    box in the corner of the photo has a check mark in it. Be sure that
    other photos in your folder do not have a check mark in their
  5. Click?Next.
  6. Select a printer and then click?Next.
  7. In Available layouts, under Full Page Prints, click to select Full page photo?print.
  8. Click Next to print your mask?image.

Let the photo dry thoroughly before assembling the?mask.

Assemble the?mask

Assembling the mask starts with cutting out the mask. With sharp scissors, carefully cut around the perimeter of the?face.

You can assemble your mask in two different?ways:

  • If you are going to wear the mask, cut holes for the eyes and
    mouth. Punch a hole on each side of the mask and reinforce the holes
    with masking tape and small pieces of cardboard for added durability.
    Now tie a piece of ribbon to each hole. Use the ribbon to tie the mask
    around your?head.
  • If you want to carry the mask, just cut holes for the eyes and then
    glue the mask to a paint stir stick or strip of balsa wood so that you
    can hold it in front of your face. This is a good option for greeting
    trick-or-treaters because you don't have to wear it around the house

You're done! In just a few minutes, you made a personalized mask that will at least get a few shrieks of laughter on?Halloween.