Kiwi YouTube launch

I was invited to tje launch of the new Kiwi YouTube site. Not a bad launch apart from listening to overpaid Marketing reps hype something that clearly doesn't need hyping.

It also didn't help that when they announced it they said that they would have some Kiwi YouTubers represented. Turns out that YouTube thinks Kiwi's are actually Aussies and 4 out of he six presenting were fair dinkum Aussies. Not a good look. The "featured" Kiwi videos are mostly Aussies and the guy fronting the welcome video is an Aussie.

They then called for questions from the floor so I jumped up and asked a question about hos the site and domain would be affected by the Electoral Finance Bill…..stunned mullets…almost, the guy from TVNZ said he would support the publishing of content no matter what which got him some applause. I got quite few questions afterwards about people wanting to know what I was on about, when I explained it to them they had to ask again just to be sure they heard right. Two executives from YouTube and a Google exec also asked questions about it. One guy is the head of News and Politics where most of my videos get posted.

Afterwards there was free booze and food so all in all it ended well. Oh and they were making a video of those present where you could say anything, so I said Kill the BIll, should be up mon YouTube later. It will be interesting to see if TVNZ and TV3 air my question.?