Labour's hypocrisy and Lazy MSM outed by O'Sullivan

Fran O'Sullivan: Goff still has plenty of explaining to do on IraqDefence Minister Phil Goff should be put out to pasture if the full-blown case of Alzheimer's he has conveniently developed on Iraq extends to his other previous political positions.
Goff has seized on John Key's comment this week…
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Fran O'Sullivan has helpfully provided some quote from Goff and Clark to show even they think the war in Iraq is over.

Phil Goff even made two quotes in support of the war ending in Iraq. In May 2003;

[quote]"We should all, however, acknowledge with great relief and satisfaction that the conflict was short. Anticipated refugee flows did not take place.

There were, inevitably and tragically, civilian and coalition losses. All will welcome the fact Saddam's apparatus of terror has gone. The death, destruction and abuses inflicted by this dictator on Iraqi people through self-initiated wars and civil repression has at last been stopped. It is now time to look forward. The strategic stakes in Iraq are too important not to."[/quote]

And again in support of the UN Security Council ruling'

[quote]"New Zealand supports the establishment of the Governing Council of Iraq and welcomes the passage of this new resolution. It provides a sound basis for the engagement of the international community in the post-war reconstruction of Iraq."[/quote]

Clark too as we all know by now has a very convenient memory and exhibits all the signs of someone afflicted by rank hypocrisy.

[quote]"The Security Council resolution provides for those countries like ours, which did not participate in the war and are not occupying powers, to play a role in Iraq without acquiring the status of occupying powers. The Government has always said that New Zealand was prepared to play a role in post-conflict Iraq, but that there needed to be appropriate multilateral cover and authority."[/quote]

As Fran ends her article she pokes pins in the eyes of other MSM journalists in an oh so subtle way.

[quote]The real issue, which needs to be debated, is just what is the Government's policy on Iraq. It is Cabinet ministers like Goff and Clark who have explaining to do, not John Key.[/quote]

Precisely, oh but I forgot Fran is a right wing blogger, well she must be Helen said so.