Latest One News poll more bad news for Labour

National holds lead in poll despite gaffes | POLITICS | NEWS |

All the leftists have been crowing about how appalling John Key is and how stupid National are with their policy releases, they certainly have been waiting on tenter hooks for this poll, telling us all that the public and media have finally cottoned onto Key and National.

The Hideous Hag even uttered her favourite word “duplicitous” without thinking for one second that her constituency in South Auckland probably can’t even spell it let alone know what it means.

Unfortunately for the rabid left and the sycophantic lickspittles the poll news isn’t getting any better for Labour and voter don’t give a toss if National fluff a few lines. Certainly Labour has missed the point of the latest local body election where almost universally the left were handed their collective asses on a plate.

OneNews/Colmar Brunton Oct 2007

National 49%
Labour 37%
Greens 6%
Maori 3%
Winston First 2%

Bad news for Helen in the Preferred PM stakes as well John Key is neck and neck with Bilious Bitch.

John Key 33%
Helen Clark 33%
Winston 3%

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