'Leper' Bainimarama steps out in style

Blog: 'Leper' Bainimarama steps out in styleNUKU'ALOFA – Frank Bainimarama looked anything but a leper this afternoon as he stepped out of his silver Buick limousine (Chinese import) in a smart civilian suit at the Dateline hotel in Nuku'alofa to be warmly greeted as the leader… [NZ Politics]

Helen Clark is going to be massively embarrased at the Pacific Forum. In my travels around the Pacific this year doing charity work I talked about Fiji with many, many people. They all thought that what Franky B. was doing was the right thing and they all thought that Helen Clark was sticking her nose into things that don't concern her.

Now we are going to see what the Pacific peoples really think of Clark and Franky B. Even Don McKinnon has rubbed Clarks nose in it having dinner with the Commodore. As Audrey Young comments;

[quote]It makes a mockery of Helen Clark's prediction months ago that Bainimarma would be treated like a leper and it makes a mockery of her comments in this morning's Herald where she compared the treatment he was getting from the forum with the cold shoulder she thought he was getting from the Commonwealth.[/quote]?

Precisely, Clark will have so much egg all over her face she will be able to make a huge omelette.?