Logo or not to Logo that is the question?

Hubbard's little landmine, the logo issue, is getting a little worse. I wwas talking to a wise old man in Auckland political circle who can't believe they tried this one on. He said to me that no organisation does a logo or branding change, none, without having board approval. The board in this instance being the councillors, so some of the remaining ones from the last lot must either know about it or are being disingenuous under the spotlight of inquiry.

Anyway another logo that bears remarkable similarity with the Auckland City logo and the Triangle TV logo is the Navman logo. Ok it is not quite as similar as the Triangle TV logo, but still $25k for one almost identical to Triangle TV? and similar to Navman is having a bit of a lend.

Now speaking of having a bit of a lend I heard Cathy Casey is having a whinge about Banksie moving the Mayor's office to Town Hall. What a bloody cow!!! This socialist wastrel was one of the first to cover her tracks the logo fiasco hit the hews and now she is whinging because the Mayor wants to be 15 steps from Queen Street rather than all uppity like her and her ilk 15 floors and 1500 steps in the ivory towers. The Mayor will be far more accessible to the public at Town Hall than at the ivory towers. I commend the? mayor for his accesibility policy.

Cathy casey and the other socialists who haven't yet worked out that they took a pasting at the election best just shut up and put some effort into un-doing their mis0deeds of the last three years.?