Mike Williams spinning like top

Labour hopefuls queue to standIntimidating poll figures have not deterred people from putting themselves forward as Labour electorate candidates, party president Mike Williams says.
Most opinion polls give National a commanding lead over Labour, although last…
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Labour's Party President, who lately has developed a habit of sticking his feet in his mouth has leapt into the press about "an embarrasment of riches" of candidates wanting to stand for Labour.

They must be gluttons for punishment. However in the rest of this pithy press release article he goes on to name not one of the "riches" put forward and only a list of failed and disgraced list MP's who are going to stand again.?

He does however send a coded warning that 8-10 existing MP's are due for the chop.

Though, one does wonder if there is such an "embarrasment of riches" why they have had to extend nomination not once but twice??