Money on Banks to win Eden Park fight

Money on Banks to win Eden Park fightAuckland City Mayor John Banks' promise to pull ratepayer funding for Eden Park will win the day, says outgoing Citizens & Ratepayers leader Scott Milne.
His comments are at odds with Prime Minister Helen Clark, who yesterday suggested…
[Auckland News]

Banksie is playing an excellant short game and his long game was superb for the last three years. That was what was the undoing of Hubbard. Banksies long game was to stay interested and focussed on Auckland his short game was 10% les Banksie and it had Hubbard confused. Now his short game is being played on Clark and Mallard.

Clark thinks she can bully and coerce a Banksie led council to her will and she is so wrong it isn't funny, it's hilarious. Their saving the "kitty" for election year has just blown up in their face with Banksie saying no to Eden Park funding and other mayors needing government money also pointing to the huge stolen largesse the government has hoarded for bribes.

Clark is not only gettting slapped around overseas she is not getting slapped around at home and for a Prime Minister that for too long has gotten used to getting her own way this is coming as rather an icy cold shower.?