Mr Egg meet Ms Face

Bainimarama: We are all systems goFiji's coup leader Frank Bainimarama has been the talk of the Pacific Islands Forum including the welcome he received at the opening of the forum yesterday in Tonga.
But until last night he has refused to answer such questions…
[NZ Politics]

Helen Clark's prediction that Franky B. would be treated like a leper at the Pacific Forum, well a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

Turns out she is the leper. No one wants to talk to her. Looks like the vaunted Foreign Policy wonk has become wonky.

You see people like me and Adolf actually bother to talk to people from the Pacific in the markets, cabs, local stores while Clark lectures them from on high. I was actually born in Fiji so have reasonable understanding of the issues facing the country. Clark was born into a monied family and went to university and then into parliament. She has no understanding of the real world outside the cloistered halls of academia or parliament. This is her ultimate undoing. Ignominy at the Forum.?