My Auckland City Council prediction

Here are my Whaleoil Auckland City Council predictions of results.


  • Banksie??? 44%
  • The Dick?? 23%
  • Crow??? ? ? ? ? 3.5%
  • Swiney ? ? ?? 4%
  • Hinchcliff??? 1.8%

Indications are that C&R will have a good working majority on the council with somewhere around 11 to 12 seats. indicationa re also that they will get all four Auckland Cityseats on the ARC.

There will be a bloodbath for Mayor and all the blood will be Hubbard's. The word is that the Mayor has spent his time in the bunker clearing his desk for the last two days. this will be the biggest turn around in Mayoral history since the return of Robbie.