N Shore mayor: No funds for Eden Park

N Shore mayor: No funds for Eden ParkNew North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams has joined his Auckland City counterpart in vowing not to contribute city funds towards a $190 million upgrade of Eden Park for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
Mr Williams will place before his council's…
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So while Mallard isn't nailing one Sharon, the rest of the country gets on with nailing him. Another City, this time North Shore, has told the government and Mallard in particular that there are n ofunds for the Thstadium at Eden Park. Now this is a little bit on the nose to be fair, I mean his citizens are going to enjoy sitting at EdenPark just as much as those fromother cities, but when you compare it the enormous largesse the government was prepared tobestow upon a waterfront edifice you can quite rightly lay claim to some of those funds.