NZ to impose sanctions on Myanmar if UN does first

NZ to impose sanctions on Myanmar if UN does firstNew Zealand will follow the United Nations lead in imposing economic sanctions against Myanmar's repressive military junta, Prime Minister Helen Clark said today.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade last week warned New Zealanders…
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The NZ government's hypocrisy in foreign affairs continues with the news that we will hold off imposing sanctions on Burma until the UN decides to get off of its fat lazy corrupt arse and impose them first.

Of course we weren't so slow in getting off the mark when Commodore Bainimarama decided to end corruption in Fiji. Oh no we jumped in boots and all and reacted with apopletic alacrity. For years there has been a Military Dictatorship with opposition leaders under house arrest and have imposed anything on the regime, nope, not a sausage, same with thailand, Pakistan's dictator got a state dinner with Dear Leader, but Fiji, nope we have to get all puss-faced over.

At least the Greens are consistant with their wish to imposes bans on everything. Pity they haven't called for bans before.?