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Police attempt to save money led to blowout – New Zealand news on Stuff.co.nz

The police can seem to do nothing right. In an attempt to save money they in face blew millions of taxpayers dollars.
[quote]”Instead of allowing the manufacturer, Aegis, who knew what they were doing, to measure the vests and guarantee under contract a 99 per cent success rate with the fit – at no risk to police, police decided to try to save money by doing the measuring themselves and accept the full financial risk of any mistakes made.

A decision that resulted in a $2.7 million blow out with no ability to recover those costs from Aegis.”[/quote]

Quite how it can cost $2.7 million to put a tape measure around the guts of a copper is beyond me. But there you go, apparently it does cost that much to do exactly that.

Annette King is supposed to be “not satisfied”. You think!!!

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