Online voting, it is time

It’s time to vote on the internet – 21 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: Technology News from New Zealand and around the World

Peter Griffin discusses voting via the internet. I have to agree with him.
[quote]A letter came in the mail in the run-up to the election. I still haven’t opened it. Nor have I opened the bills from Sky TV, Telecom and Genesis Energy it is buried beneath.

That’s because, where possible, I organise my life – pay bills, book flights, check my bank balance – on the internet. And if I could vote on the internet, I’d probably have had a say in who is going to run Wellington for the next three years.[/quote]

I even go further than that, I buy my groceries online and have them delivered to the door and select my books from the library using the brilliant eLGAR system. I am at the point that I refuse now to deal with anyone that doesn’t have an online presence and buy all my Christmas, Birthday etc presents from Trademe again having them delivered to the door.

Time for online voting and having democracy delivered to the door.

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