Rabid Labour Lickspittles breach copyright

National on free speech at thestandard.org.nz

Th Standard has very quickly become the leftist sewer pipe access into the warped minds of the Labour Party and their supporters. They have clearly shown the hand of Labour’s strategists in by attacking John Key with every second post.

Unfortunately they have gone a step too far and actually broken the law. When their little faux pas was pointed out to them they have taken umbrage and tried to make this a free speech issue. This of course is bloody hilarious as they are one of the most rabid supporters of the Electoral Finance Bill.

I took the liberty of doing a little research on the issue since they decided to make a big deal of it and this is what I found.

The picture exists in several authorized contexts online, but it seems likely that it was harvested from National’s Flickr account since they seem to spend time there. National has certainly never authorised any use of it from any online source.

National’s Flickr images are available for download but may not be altered in any way.

The Standard folks flipped the image and added text.

Additionally, this picture was sourced from the Dominion Post and National use it with their permission, clearly cited on the image page.

Here’s the license under which the image is made available on Flickr.

So the little socialist trolls not only have broken New Zealand Copyright Laws but also US laws as well. Their little bid for Free Speech is nothing but a blatant breach of existing laws. But then what can we expect with law breaking examples like Helen Clark giving them pointers.

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