Salient article about the Electoral Finance Bill

Salient ? The Devil is in the Details

Salient has an article by Dave Crampton and Matthew Slater (no relation) about the dramatic attack on free speech by the Electoral Finance Bill. A very good article that covers all the major aspects of the bill that seriously erodes our rights.

[quote]The Electoral Finance Bill, planned almost immediately following the 2005 general election, was initially welcomed by public lawyers and free speech advocates in New Zealand alike. It was heralded as a way to introduce transparency into our electoral system, identifying political donors, controlling party spending, and limiting the potential for third-party interference. However, when the Bill was introduced, these supporters were shocked. The Bill was barely recognisable from what had been first proposed; its first two goals were ripped from the page and implementation of the one remaining – control of third parties – vastly overstepped what had been expected.[/quote]

If you don't yet know what this Bill is all about you can't go far wrong reading this article.

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