Send the bill to Hubbard

TV station considers legal action over new council logoAn Auckland regional TV station is talking about legal action over the Auckland City Council's new triangle logo.
The logo has sparked controversy today after the New Zealand Herald revealed that it could have cost considerbly…
[Auckland News]

Hubbards legacy of ineptitude looks set to grow with Triangle TV threatening to sue Auckland City Council over them nicking their logo and trying to pass it off as a wonderful staff inspired logo that oh just kinda cost the city a million bucks.

Good God Almighty, I would have photoshopped something like that for half the money. I'm of a mind to give Banksie a call and offer my services. Hell!, I'd cut my rates and do it for two hundy.

From the images to the right I'd say that Triangle TV may have a point. Auckland City's "logo" is the one on the left and Triangle TV's the one on the right. A million bucks for that!!!! There aren't even a million pixels that you could charge a buck for!

It just goes to show the kind of profligate waste that existed under Hubbards "leadership". I predict we will hear more about his fiscal shenanigins before too long.

Note to David Rankin, check the fine print on your contract, if you don't know it already you are about to find out if some one else knows more about the fine print than you.

Swing the axe Banksie, swing it good and hard.