Senior doctors fire parting shot at Hodgson

Senior doctors fire parting shot at HodgsonSenior doctors have fired a parting shot at outgoing health minister Peter Hodgson, accusing him of "mind-boggling" behaviour in reaction to sector concerns.
Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) President Jeff Brown…
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Senior Doctor flip the proverbial bird at Hodgson.

[quote]Mr Brown said problems in the sector had followed the pattern set by Mr Hodgson's leadership.

"His behaviour and inertia in response to advice and alarm from many groups of doctors is mind-boggling," Mr Brown said.

Colleges of medicine, the Medical Association and others had all made representations on issues.

"Only to hear him claim the opposite in the House, or consign them to the scrapheap of no response augmented by inaction. Is the disconnect deliberate, or dithering, or disdain?"[/quote]

Wow, you can't get much more critical than that except to use expletives.?