So Trev, Hows Brenda?

Mallard can dish it out but take it not. He slung mud and when someone flung the poo back he reacted in his usual way, with violence. Mallard has a history of violence, he threatened to shove a beer bottle up Vernon Pugh's most painful orifice, he smacked Bob Clarkson on the head with a folder and now there is prima facie evidence that he committed an assault on Tau Henare.

We hear also that he is to be demoted, well not really, he gets rid of his important portfolios but will stay a minister so no drop in the pay packet. If any other kiwi assaulted someone at work they would lose their job faster than you can say Brenda Lawson.

Which brings me to the woman in question. To the people (you know who you are) who were telling me it was Sharon someone, get better ears. I bet Mallard thought Brenda was a better chick to go out with because he couldn't say Thhhsharon'sth name properly.?

So the rumoours are over, Mallard is shown to be a bully-boy of no substance, Clark has serious issues in controlling her caucus and Cullen is still raping our wallets.?