So Trev, Speaking of Affairs, How is Sharon?

Back in August I blogged about this little episode and the utter hypocrisy of Trevor Mallard. The Duckman then scurried around the Press Gallery begging they respect his privacy, like good little pawns they did, pity they did no such thing for Don Brash.

What Trevor forgot was that there are things called blogs. We won't be cowed or bribed or shut up. Today in the HoS Gossip Columnist Rachel Glucina has finally outed Mallard. Good bloody job.

Sorry Sharon, if it upsets you but you are the one who hooked up with a shit who slings poo, unfortuntely you've got to cop a bit coming back at ya, but that's politics.

Oh and sweetie, it is un-becoming to go literally dragging Trev away from groups of sweet young things, smacks a little bit of desperation and jealously.