State Controls creeping forward

NZ Bus bosses’ concern over meddling – 03 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

If anyone wondered whether the socialists at the helm were really into state controls of everything about your life, then wonder no more.

Labour’s secret agenda has come out especially with regard to Public Transport. Legislation tabled in parliament yesterday is set to give the government and local government unprecedented controls over private businesses requiring them to register and operate subsidised and commercial services together as packages, as well as requiring them to operate low emissions vehicle on commercial as well as subsidised routes and disabled friendly buses.

All this despite the overwhelming evidence that we don’t like catching buses. The evidence? Well the Regional Council increased funding by 69% for subsidised services in Auckland and experience a decline in patronage of over 5 percent. Outstanding value for money, it is just a mathematic equation now to find out how much we have to subsidise services to get zero patronage.

Further, only 3% of Kiwi’s actually take a bus. Seems like a great deal of state control for a small gain, if any.

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