Stupid laws from Stupid Meddling Socialists

The repeal of the Disabled Person's in Employment Act is a completely rooted law passed supposedly to protect disabled people from those mean profit driven bosses. Of course they neglect to observe that employing a disabled person actually costs you more and takes more resources so a profit driven employer (ie evil) will hardly be likely to employ a disabled person in the first place.

I posted sometime ago that my Brother in law lost his "job" if you can call it that as a result of this stupid law. His workshop closed because the 15 disabled people now had to be paid the minimum wage by law on top of the supervising staff. Of course the fact that the staff to disabled person ratio was 1 to 4 should show that this was hardly a viable profit making enterprise, but no, minimum wage for their "jobs" it must be. The reality is that there are now no jobs for my brother in law.

Today we received the attached letter from the guys that mow our lawns. Now I got them to mow our lawns becasue of a number of reasons, one being is is partly my way of donating whilst at the same time giving these folk something worthwile to do. They do a really good job but there are six or seven of them plus a staff member to supervise the supervising staff where you would need only one able bodied person to do the same job. Now because of the repeal of the Disabled Person's in Employment Act none of them have jobs because their organisation has to pay them all minimum wage.

So with this letter from IDEA
( Intellectual Disability Empowerment In Action ) telling me that the 6
Intellectually Handicapped Men who have cheerfully and with great
enthusiasum mowed our lawns for over 3 years now have lost their jobs
thanks to this Shitty law.
Thanks to bloody LABOUR these men now lose the satisfaction of doing REAL work! Now they are doomed to regular "activities" like visiting the library.
Labour have ruined these guys lives! How stupid can they be for gods sake? I could cry!