The Hypocrisy over Iraq flights

Fran O’Sullivan: Murdoch fall guy in spat over Air NZ troop flights – 13 Oct 2007 – Opinion, Editorial and reader comments from New Zealand and around the World – nzherald

“Right Wing Blogger” Fran O’Sullivan explores the rather brazen hypocrisy the Government and Winston in particular have shown over the Iraq flights. There is now little doubt that Winston deliberately misled parliament over the revelations and little doubt that the government is trying to cover up as much of the information as possible by suppressing key elements like the CTAG report and the report by our High Commissioner to Canderra’s dressing down from Downer.
[quote]Either the bureaucrats are incompetent, in which case the tumbrils should roll. Or there is no clear Government policy on Iraq, as the Australians believe. Or the Government (which was angered that the Investigate story undercut its attacks on National leader John Key’s vacillating stance on Iraq) shifts policy according to how much domestic capital it believes it can extract.[/quote]

The government can’t have it both ways and has seriously painted itself into a corner and the delicious thing is that they used their own brush and their own paint.

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