The jibe that sent Mallard over the edge

The jibe that sent Mallard over the edgeThe Weekend Herald can reveal for the first time what Tau Henare said to provoke Cabinet minister Trevor Mallard to start a punch-up in a lobby off Parliament's debating chamber.
The three words that sent Mr Mallard into a rage…
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"Shut Up Sharon". Three little words that sent Ducky into his "fists of fury" rage. The Herald reports that the name was wrong, or is it. My investigations have revealed more than one name could have been mentioned and that Sharon is indeed a player but not the first Sharon that was mentioned.

Mr Mallard is being economical with the truth, he has been outed as playing away games. The thing is that Ducky could just as easily kept his "tricky" personal life to himself if he hadn't acted like the school-yard bully and named others names. When he did that he became a target and it turns out a target with a very soft under-belly.

Tau should have taken a dive, pretended he was knocked out, hollywooded like soccer players after a penalty. Then Ducky would be gone-burgers. Still, Clark faces a test now, she must act and act decisively.?