The Sinister hidden intentions behind the EFB

If one was in any doubt about Labours sinister intentions behind the Electoral Finance Bill then one should read the transcripts of parliament to get an idea on the kind of police state that Clark would hold dear to heart.

[quote]Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: For obvious reasons, I seldom agree with Fran O'Sullivan. My job is to act in relation to Cabinet responsibility issues, not to initiate investigations into the actions of members of Parliament. However, if members opposite want to tempt me, there is always the possibility of investigations into Nick Smith's contempt of court, Gerry Brownlee's act of assault, or whether Mr Groser still uses cannabis.[/quote]

There you have it, if you disagree with Dear Leader she holds open the opportunity to get ya. Incidentally if you are a bit of an etymologist as I am, then the word sinister has wonderful roots and could legitimately be used to describe anyone from the leftist persuasion. I think I might start using that a bit more.


sinister (comparative more sinister, superlative most sinister)

  1. inauspicious, ominous, unlucky
  2. evil, seeming to be evil.
  3. of the left side.