Tired of Dick's Bull

Cameron Brewer has had enough of Dick's bull. Whale Oil Beef Hooked outed "The Dicks" bull about Queen Street costing 7 times more than the upgrade of Broadway in Newmarket and since then Dick Hubbard has gone out of his way to attack Cameron Brewer on radio, in print and during his speeches as well as leaving silly messages on his cellphone.

Cameron has had enough and today in The NZ Truth is this article where he bets "The Dick" a million bucks that Queen Street isn't 5 times longer than Broadway. Unfortunately for Dick all the evidence supports Cameron Brewer and his contention. Even the Auckland City Council's own website supports Cameron Brewer and clearly makes Dick Hubbard look like…..well….a Dick.

Enough already, pay Cameron his million bucks and then quietly stand aside in the election as clearly Dick Hubbard has lost the plot.