Trademe stunt mocks Electoral Finance Bill

3rd Party Electioneering Pamphlets and Placards! for sale – – New Zealand

SOLO has put a TradeMe auction up offering Pre-built, preprinted, ‘3rd party electioneering placard and pamphlet templates and thus getting around the law if it passes as they would have been purchased prior to the law taking effect.
[quote]SOLO-NZ Press Release: TradeMe Stunt Mocks EFB
“Although TradeMe stunts are becoming a bit pass?, a listing made today takes a none too subtle swipe at the Electoral Finance Bill.” Says SOLO-NZ Spokesman Lance Davey

“The listing, put up by a SOLO member, is auctioning off: ‘Pre-built, preprinted, ‘3rd party electioneering placard and pamphlet templates.’ The idea is that the printed templates are purchased the year before an election, but during the election year if an issue comes up, the 3rd party just needs to fills in the relevant gaps, then distribute the pamphlets. This would enable 3rd parties to technically remain under the spending threshold, while still being able to initiate pamphlet drops.

“Payment will be accepted as cash, bank deposit, or by anonymous donation.”

Sample Template Below:

———- is a threat to ——- and ——- in this country! We, ———, strongly oppose this proposal/bill/legislation (cross out whichever is inappropriate). This proposal/bill/legislation (cross out whichever is inappropriate) is being pushed by ———. A vote for ——- is a vote for ——-. We, ———, strongly urge you to not vote for ———-.

Lance Davey, SOLO-NZ Deputy Coordinator


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