Why did they bother to pass the law in the first place?

Govt no to public-private deals – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on Stuff.co.nz

The Government is ruling out the use of public-private partnerships in the state sector, five years after passing legislation to enable them to take place.

Flip-Flop-Flap…just five years ago Labour thought they were all the rage and made a big song and dance about how it was going to help improve our infrastructure. Now? Political Expediency….Hypocrisy.

Oh and how is this for sheer hypocrisy….Labour ridicules National when National wants to borrow money to fund infrastructure but then Naharey says that is exactly what Labour will do.
[quote]Labour had concluded PPPs were not right for New Zealand because of the size of the market and the fact that the Government could borrow money much more cheaply than the private sector.[/quote]

Labour’s secret agenda is coming out. Nationalise bus companies, borrow more for infrastructure. They must come clean about their secret agenda.

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