ACT's shame, Winston where's the money

Law on public cash for electioneering a step closerParliament has moved a step closer to renewing a law giving political parties the right to dip into public information funds for electioneering.
The law change comes as the Government contemplates restricting non-party campaigning…
[NZ Politics]

ACT should hang its head in shame for supporting the "Fund Sitting MP's Bill" as well as continue to hand its head in shame for not voting in the First Reading of the Electoral Finance BIll. The only redeeming thing that ACT right now can hold its hand up for is joining John Boscawen's legal challenge to the Electoral Finance Bill.?

Meanwhile the Deputy Leader of Winston First shows why they should be turfed out at the next election to disappear off the political stage.

[quote]"We need the bill [the Appropriation … ] to protect us from the Auditor-General's wisdom."[/quote]

Fantastic, I see Winston First has now caught the Labour disease, that of thinking laws do not apply to them and if they don't like the rules then retrospectively change them. How about paying back that money huh, Winston, Peter, anyone with? some integrity in Winston First.?