Aucklanders and men back John Key

Aucklanders and men back John KeyAucklanders and men disproportionately support National Party leader John Key.
The rest of the country and women disproportionately support Labour and Prime Minister Helen Clark.
The latest Herald -DigiPoll survey has 55. 1…
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Back in September I predicted that Labour had lost the cities and Auckland in particular, now today the NZ Herald proves my contention.?

Labour are doomed electorally if they lose Auckland and by these poll results they have lost Auckland irrevocably.

[quote]The latest Herald-DigiPoll survey has 55. 1 per cent of Aucklanders supporting National and 33.4 per cent backing Labour.

That compares to overall support of the parties of 51.3 per cent for National and 38.1 per cent for Labour.

The Maori Party also gets more support in Auckland (4.2 per cent) than in the rest of the country (2.4).[/quote]

The Greens are goneburgers in Auckland, previously their support base, looks like Nandor will have to hacky sack and skateboard his way round the campus again.

If you lose Auckland then you lose the country. However there is a catch 22 for the Clarkists, if you pander to Aucklands needs then you lose the rest of the country.

22 points behind is too far to recover and worse they have lost the electoral rorting skills of el Jefe. Labour are beginning to look more and more like trapped rats.