Clint Rickards resigns from the Police

[quote]Controversial Assistant Commissioner Clint Rickards has resigned from the police.

Mr Rickards, who was found not guilty in two sex trials in the past two years, was set to face internal disciplinary charges but said his resignation meant all employment issues between him and police were resolved.

Mr Rickards' resignation is effective as of today.

In a statement released by his lawyer John Haigh, Mr Rickards said both he and police believed that maintaining the confidence by the New Zealand public in the police was of paramount importance.

"As long as this high profile dispute is allowed to continue it will dominate the headlines and confidence will naturally come into question," the statement said.

"Mr Rickards denies any wrongdoing and considers that any employment disciplinary proceedings are totally without foundation.[/quote]

A deal has clearly been done, the last thing the government needs right now is this simmering issue. Faced with growing protest over the Electoral Finance Bill and outrage on talkback today about the conviction of a man for three smacks on the bum the government must have proffered a fairly hefty cheque to get this settlement.

All I can say is good riddance to bad rubbish.