Cool Technology Round-up

This is going to be a new feature, s summary of some cool toys and/or technology, my focus will be be on what ever I want but will include weapon systems and IT.

Fully gold-plated iPhone – gizmag Article

Given the record sales figures, you could be forgiven for thinking that your iPhone isn?t quite the stand-out showpiece it once was. If you’re aiming for a little extra exclusivity this fully gold plated Apple iPhone from UK based Goldstriker International could be the answer.

Retailing for ?699.95 (approx. US$1450), the gold iPhone is plated with struck 24ct gold. The parts are adorned in gold including front full surround and 3/4 of the rear revealing a total mirror finish.

Avurt IM-5 non lethal self defence pepper gun – gizmag Article

The Avurt IM-5 launcher is a flashlight sized non-lethal self-defense device that has a longer range than Tasers and aerosol-based pepper spray. The USD$299 laser sighted launcher fires pellets filled with PAVA powder at distances of up to 40 feet, burning the eyes, nose and throat of the target.

I so want one of those.

Eye-Fi: world’s first wireless SD memory card – gizmag Article

Digital cameras with the ability to wirelessly transmit images began to hit the market in 2005 and Wi-Fi is now commonplace in many high-end models. A new approach by Eye-Fi Inc. that integrates this capability into an SD memory card promises to make this time saving functionality more accessible to a wider range of digital photographers. The Eye-Fi Card is the world?s first wireless card for digital cameras, allowing users to send photographs directly from digital cameras to PCs, Macs and online photo and social networking sites via home Wi-Fi networks.

The 2GB, USD$99.99 Eye-Fi Card by-passes the need for cables and card readers and works with existing or new SD-compatible digital cameras. The card facilitates sharing with 17 online photo sharing, printing, social networking or blogging sites as well as enabling transfer to PC or Mac.

PhD student develops technology to make broadband Internet 200 times faster – gizmag Article

Forget fibre to the house, how about this;
The Melbourne Herald Sun has reported that an Australian PhD student has developed technology that will delver Internet speeds up to 250Mbps over existing copper phone lines, negating the need to install costly fiber optic cables. Dr John Papandriopoulos, a research fellow at the University of Melbourne, spent a year developing the technology, which uses mathematic coding to reduce the interference that slows down Internet speeds.

Papandriopoulos also told Image and Data Manager Online, “People have been trying to push up the speeds of broadband to as fast as possible by pushing the actual bandwidth limits. The underlying problem is really one of interference, in effect your neighbor is interfering with your speed”.

Reportedly, the anti-interference technology could be installed directly into existing modems as a software upgrade or be shipped in new modems and would also require installation at the telephone exchange end.

Dr John Papandriopoulos won the Melbourne University Chancellor?s Prize for Excellence in PhD, for the technology which is being patented in Australia and the U.S.

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