Crays caught in electoral pot

Crays caught in electoral potThe head of the Electoral Commission says her agency could end up with thousands of dollars worth of crayfish under controversial new election spending measures.
Dr Helena Catt mentioned the fish as an example of uncertainty around…
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The ridiculousness of the bill and its supporters is being revealed daily if not hourly as provisions of the Bill rewrite become abundantly clear for all except those blinded by the sun shining out of Helen's bum.

The Electoral Commission is going to have to set up coolers and a transport distribution network so that it can handle the "goods and services" donated under the law. The law stiuplates that the "goods and services" have to given to the Electoral Commission first before passing to the recipient.

Great, we now get to raffle rancid crays and sides of lamb!!!!?

Kill the Bill Helen befiore the embarassment kills you.?