Cry me a river, Cathy

Women miss out on seats of power as suits returnWomen councillors are down the pecking order at the Auckland City Council after men took the top five committee chairs to share power with Mayor John Banks and his deputy, Citizens & Ratepayers leader David Hay.
"The men in suits…
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Cathy Casey must be the go to cow for whiny-assed comments.?

Today's effort is to whine about the lack of women for the Committee Chairs…..Hey Cathy cry me a river of tears.

Greg Moyle was given arts, culture and recreation, Sam Lotu-liga city development, Ken Baguley transport and Paul Goldsmith community services. C&R deputy leader Doug Armstrong was the only C&R councillor from the previous council to get a main committee when he gained finance, a role he held in the 2001-2004 term under Mr Banks.

CityVision-Labour are gluttons for punishment, at the swearing in they set up Richard Northey for a flogging and last night at the first council meeting tried a bit more grandstanding by moving an amendment to appoint Toni Millar and Noelene Raffills to Chair position, they lost of course. Keep up the grandstanding folks it is a real hoot waatching your faces drop when surprise, surprise, you lose. Clearly you haven't got the message that you LOST!