Cullen out of his depth – Law expert

Terror charges Cullen's job – law expert – 11 Nov 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Michael Cullen is out of depth in a carpark puddle. That is the opinion of Auckland University law professor and resident lefty Bill Hodge.
He contends that;

[quote]the Act clearly referred to the role of the Attorney General in some situations, and the anti-terror debacle was one of them.
He said the legislation clearly defined the Attorney General's responsibility to advise Cabinet on possible breaches of the law.

Dr Hodge said it was not the first time Dr Cullen had delegated responsibility to Mr Collins who, despite being a very good lawyer, was essentially a senior civil servant.

Dr Hodge said about a year ago, an arrest warrant was issued for an Israeli general who was in the country and Dr Cullen again abdicated his constitutional responsibility and delegated to the Solicitor General.

Dr Hodge said Michael Cullen did not have any legal training, and if he was not up to the job then should not have it.[/quote]

Further on Agenda this morning Cullen also basically scotched the idea of reasonable tax cuts leaving Kiwi's bemused at the antics of Labour and Cullen in particular. They simply cannot be trusted to deliver tax cuts.

[quote]I don?t think it would make a huge difference because you look at the kind of size of income tax cuts which are likely to be feasible and given the likely forecasts around the surpluses and then you look at the net or even gross income gaps between Australia and New Zealand, fundamentally we would have to have zero income tax to really get close to closing that gap, now at that point we'll have enormously bad health services, education services, superannuation etc, and those are also reasons why people might migrate.[/quote]

The Herald basically calls them on their sudden change of the label for Working for Families from targeted assistance to tax credit and now bizarrely "tax cuts". Working for Families is nothing more than middle class welfare.

[quote]Some people may well accept the Prime Minister's assurance that she and her caucus wanted to deliver tax cuts earlier but "we have never had [Treasury] advice that made it possible". Very probably some people believe in a flat Earth and Santa Claus, too. But there is likely to be a hard core of non-believers who dimly discern a connection to the fact that next year is election year.

Labour had no choice, of course. National, comfortably ahead in the polls, has been rattling the piggy bank for some months now and Michael Cullen's public image has slowly but steadily transmogrified from careful steward to tightfisted Scrooge. The chorus of voices calling for tax relief has steadily grown in size and volume. It was time to move.

Clark's claim about Treasury is at best misleading. Its briefing to the re-elected Clark Government in 2005 explicitly stated that years of fiscal frugality had left the Crown accounts, and in particular the debt ledger, in such good shape that there was room for tax cuts. Cullen famously dismissed that advice as "an ideological burp", but, having just got hold of the purse-strings for another three years, he could afford such dismissiveness. With Labour trailing in the polls less than a year out from the vote, he is more disposed to largesse.[/quote]

Labour cannot be believed nor trusted with respect to tax cuts. It just isn't in their socialist bones. I predict, right now that one of two things will happen. One that the tax cuts will be clawed back into something else, a little like Kiwisaver. Similarly I predict that Cullen will NOT reduce taxes rather they will do a Working For Families smoke and mirrors and bring in something else through the back door to soak it up, perhaps Health Accounts or something similar. Either that or the tax cuts will be so small as to be laughable.

The public will see through their spin and with anger building over the Electoral Finance Bill and the Appropriations Bill Labour are about to pass the last exit to the road to redemption.

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