Fallout over motorway budget blowout

Fallout over motorway budget blowoutAuckland mayor John Banks is seeking to sue the contractors involved in the makeover of the city's busiest motorway interchange, after the budget blew out by $14 million.
But the contractors say they're not to blame and there were…
[Auckland News]

Banksie is looking to go after the contractors who are slowly building the Greenlane interchange improvements. The budget has blown out by $14 million.

Others he should be looking at are the contract managers who clearly have no idea of the job they are supposed to be doing by letting a contract;

  1. Blow out by such a massive proportion
  2. Letting a contract in the first place without significant and automatic penalty clauses in the first place.

It is high time for some accountability for the council officers.Voters unfortunately do not get to toss them out every three years.