Fisking of COG support for the EFB ? Blog Archive ? ?So long as they do not advocate for or against any party or candidate?

hat tip Not PC

Stephen Franks has fisked the Coalition for Open Government’s “support” for the Electoral Finance Bill. I say “support” because this is the only organisation that is non-affliated with Labour (Unions don’t count) that has shown any, even a small amount of support for the new, revised, “fixed” bill.

Labour banged on endlessly in the house quoting the COG and in particular Steven Price. The lickspittle and rabid frothers at The Standar also endlessly go on about them. They all conveniently ignore the slamming of the bill by the Human Rights Commission plus many other organisations.
[quote]Steven Price speaking for the Coalition for Open Government on RNZ this morning was saddening. An idealist a few years ago, a lawyer of perception, descending to justify corrupt law in debate with a non-lawyer on the grounds that it will not be enforced.

I hate seeing people lose their intellectual integrity. I dare think that one day he will feel ashamed of this episode.

In its early days I was a ?Coalescer?. I wrote briefs of Bills for their newsletter. I think most I worked with were genuine idealists, not stooges for the totalitarians.

Today I heard Price minimising the freedom of speech limit in a law that will ?permit legitimate lobby groups to carry on? if they comply with ?minimal? registration requirements (not mentioning the accounting, auditing, record keeping etc) so long as they ?do not advocate for or against any politician or party?.

In other words you can have ?free speech? as long as we know where we can get you, and only so long as you do not let people know which politicians support or oppose your policy position.[/quote]

I think we can safely say that Steven price has been got at.

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