Fran O'Sullivan: Thanks John Howard, the best PM we never had

Fran O'Sullivan: Thanks John Howard, the best PM we never hadNew Zealanders have good reasons to celebrate the accomplishments of Australia's long-serving prime minister even if the outcome of today's election is Howard's end.
John Howard's political and economic legacy is secure. During…
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Fran O'Sullivan uses her column about John Howard to dig at Labour and Clark.

[quote]But it has also been blessed with a Government that has not been hostage to the insular mindset of the Clark regime, with its fixation on corrupting the electoral system in favour of the Labour Party and its parliamentary co-conspirators, rather than taking this nation forward.

Howard has taken brave stands to protect the free world, such as his support for the Iraq invasion, which made him a leper in the eyes of many of New Zealand's chattering classes and caught him offside with many of his own countrymen who opposed the invasion (much of it in retrospect).

His countrymen paid a huge price in the Bali explosion. But Iraq has hardly featured in the Australian election. Even the New York Times, which has made a fetish out of its opposition to George W Bush's adventurism, is now conceding on its own front page that the increase in US troops has dampened violence.[/quote]

On the brain drain she notes;

[quote]Howard's Australia has provided a lifeline for countless New Zealanders who have sought prosperity for themselves and their families by crossing the ditch to work and enjoy life in the Lucky Country. Figures out this week showed 40,000 Kiwis moved to Australia in the past 12 months. Just 13,000 came the other way – some to lead the swag of New Zealand businesses now Australian-owned.

Many professionals have voted with their feet to join a nation which is imbued with confidence and celebrates those who want to get ahead, instead of staying here to fester within the increasingly repressive regime that is Helengrad – over-taxed and demonised as greedy for wanting to keep more of their own earnings, sick of the Government's tendency to reward dependency and with a gutsful of the Nanny State.

Many unskilled workers have headed for Western Australia where they can earn big money in the mines, knowing they will also get to keep more of it than they would here.

But typically, the only New Zealanders resident in Australia who were interviewed by TV3's Campbell Live show this week on the election were the naysayers.[/quote]

Ouch that is a right good slamming.?