Funny how they seek views on Easter Trading

Government seeks views on Easter TradingThe Government is inviting opinions on the future of Easter trading laws after two separate member's bills seeking to liberalise the existing regime faltered earlier this year.
Justice Minister Annette King and Labour Minister…
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Labour releases a discussion document on something as benign as Easter trading but hasn't done the same over major and draconian changes to the foundations of our democracy the Electoral Act.

Don't you find that kind of ironic? I certainly do. In fact it is doubly ironic that it is the Justice Minister that is releasing the discussion document for the formulation of law around Easter trading, the same minister responsible for the Electoral Finance Bill.

Why didn't the government just decide what to do for us over Easter Trading, after all they are socialists and they know what is is best for us? Why not just ram sonething through and "fix it" in Select Committee if there was an outcry? Why bother wasting time with a discussion document at all?

Yet again we witness the brazen attempts at self preservation show how hypocritical the government is and how truly appalling the way they have handled changes to the foundations of our democracy.?