Goff and Clark to blame

Fran O’Sullivan: Government’s incoherent approach to terrorism – 10 Nov 2007 – Political News – New Zealand Herald

“Right Wing Blogger” Fran O’Sullivan gets into the government over where the blame lies for the failure to the Terror Laws being applied to the foolls from the Urewera.
[quote]It is, to put it impolitely, a “bugger’s muddle”. Here we have the Solicitor-General in all seriousness asking us to believe that the failure to press terrorism charges is because the relevant act is “unnecessarily complex, incoherent, and as a result almost impossible to apply to the domestic circumstances observed by the police in this case.”[/quote]

So who is responsible for the “bugger muddle”. Well that would have to be Labour leadership hopeful Phil Goff along with Dear Leader. Fran O’Sullivan has some choice words for Dear Leader as well on her penchant for interfering in court cases.
[quote]But there’s another consideration. What Collins didn’t mention is the fact that the Prime Minister had also arguably contaminated the justice process by stating publicly that the arrested activists at the very least have illicitly used firearms, constructed Molotov cocktails and trained themselves how to use napalm.

She trod a very thin line indeed by making such allegations at a time when the Urewera 12 (already facing Arms Act charges) were still waiting to hear whether they would have to defend themselves against terrorism charges in a subsequent show trial.

Clark does not face a contempt of court charge for her insinuations and subsequent refusal to back away from such comments. But if Collins had cleared the way for terrorism charges it would not have been long before lawyers acted for the arrested argued the Prime Minister had already prejudiced a fair trial.

The Prime Minister’s malevolence towards the arrested may have been heightened by a belief that she was to be a target for a terrorism plot. This scenario which also nominated US President George W. Bush and National’s John Key as targets was leaked the same day 300 police made their anti-terrorist swoop and published widely.

But we still don’t, or may never, know whether a credible threat existed, or, whether it was purely hype.[/quote]

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