Gore Wrong again, GW not linked to typhoons

Global warming ‘not linked’ to typhoons – Telegraph

Al Gore, proven liar, has again been proven to be a liar.
[quote]Today, in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, a study of typhoons is published by Prof Johnny Chan, City University of Hong Kong.

A major conclusion of his study is that global warming apparently is not related to the frequency of intense typhoons.

Instead, such occurrences have a strong decadal variation caused by similar variations in the oceanographic and atmospheric conditions that govern the formation, intensification and movement of tropical cyclones.

Prof Chan said that there are key differences between the Pacific and the Atlantic. In the latter, sea-surface temperature is generally close to a threshold of 27 degrees, beyond which more tropical cyclones are more likely to form, he said.

Although some have linked hurricanes to climate change, others believe the variations follow a natural cycle, he said: “More analyses are necessary before one can say one way or the other.”

For the western North Pacific, the sea surface temperature is always above the threshold. “Therefore, a slight increase due to global warming would not have a great influence”.[/quote]

Whoopsy, looks like the science isn’t settled, looks like the debate isn’t over.

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