Government 'riding roughshod' over electoral convention

Government ‘riding roughshod’ over electoral conventionA law to protect MPs’ rights to spend taxpayer money on advertising during the election campaign passed its next step last night, as National MPs accused the Government of riding roughshod over the long-held convention of seeking… [NZ Politics]

Labour continues its blatant attempts to gerry-mander the Electoral process through the twin evils of the Electoral Finance Bill and its partner bill the “Public Funding of Poltical parties by Stealth” Bill.

[quote]The bill extends until 2009 the current laws which allow MPs to use parliamentary funds for “communications” – such as advertisements and pamphlets – as long as they do not explicitly tout for votes, donations or party memberships.

However, it goes further than current law – effectively authorising public funds to be used for publications such as Labour’s 2005 pledge card, which the Auditor-General deemed to break the rules for parliamentary funded advertisements at the last election.[/quote]

Clark meanwhile prepares for another junket, so we will be expecting another scandal to erupt as whenever she goes away control of Labour seems to fly out the window.