Greens sell out to Labour

Go-between gets first look at party donationsThe Electoral Commission will act as a go-between for most anonymous donations to political parties under changes to the Electoral Finance Bill.
It will only be allowed to pass on $240,000 to parties – anything they receive over…
[NZ Politics]

A cosy little deal has been done beyween the Greens and Labour to hide Anonymous donation despite the fact that the Greens are supposedly against anonymous donations. it is also ironic considering that Helen Clark banged on about this endlessly and when it came time to put words in action she choked on those very words.

The Greens, once known for having principles, buried those principles when they buried Rod Donald.

While we are talking about the hypocrisy of the Greens, check out their links to the "Urewera 17" and New Zealand's own home-grown insurgency. The ever watchful Trevor Loudon exposes the Green Party links to anarchists and rabble rousers.?

With known Maoists and trotskists lurking in the Greens perhaps it is time to examine their motives and their decisions to support the abandonment of Free Speech in New Zealand.?