Helen is a liar

( Uncorrected transcript?subject to correction and further editing)

Helen Clark is a liar and here is the transcript from parliament to prove it. She has told the parliament that Labour has delivered tax cuts not once , not twice but multiple times in this interchange. She should be held to account. Welfare is not and will not ever be a tax cut no matter how much she would like to spin it.

[quote]Tim Barnett: What progress has been made so far on reducing taxes?

Madam SPEAKER: We will be having the answer in silence.

Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: I know this is an answer the National Party will not like, because the Labour-led Government has reduced taxes on families, it has reduced taxes on business, and it has reduced taxes on savers. Those reductions will amount, by 1 April next year, to $4 billion per annum. The National Party voted against every single cent of every cut.[/quote]

National voted against every one of those measures because not one of them was a tax cut. Not even the so called tax cuts to business were a cut when you factor in the compulsory requirement to fund their own employees retirement savings, effectively a tax.

She lied to the nation at her conference when she blamed Treasury and she lied to the parliament again today when she lied about the first time her government recieved advice from Treasury that tax cuts were possible. Helen Clark's first position to any questions seems to be a lie. Remember she told the conference that they had never, ever, ever had advice from Treasury that tax cuts were possible. The real answer is below, note also her continuing lies about tax cuts;

[quote]John Key: Is it the case, therefore, that the Prime Minster should have sought advice from her own Minister of Finance, because in May 2003 Treasury advised the Minister of Finance that the surplus was so big the Government could cut taxes without sacrificing the rest of its fiscal objectives, and it went on to say: "This healthy fiscal financial position presents the Government with scope to cut taxes, increase expenditure, and build up financial assets."?

Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: The member will recall that in the 2004 Budget this Labour-led Government delivered substantial tax cuts to families, which the member voted against.

Tim Barnett: What feedback has the Prime Minister received about the tax cuts already available through Working for Families?

Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from families about those Working for Families tax cuts, but I have seen reports that suggest the National Party now cannot work out whether it supports them. I have seen a report that Mr Key said at the time of Budget ?05 that middle-income New Zealanders eligible for Working for Families would probably get less under National. By Morning Report yesterday he had changed his tune, but then we do find he has difficulty singing in the same key for long.[/quote]

More lying in the same interchange;

[quote]Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: I have already pointed out today that the National Party has voted against the whole package of tax cuts delivered by the Labour Government. Because the Labour Government has run a strong economy and surpluses, it has been able to cut taxes for families, taxes for business, and taxes for savers. It has cut taxes on the racing industry, as well. The National Party has consistently voted against tax cuts.

Hon Member: Oh, they're in trouble!

Hon Dr Michael Cullen: The Prime Minister is never in trouble when answering Mr Key-that much is clear. I am interested in the answer to the next question: has the Prime Minister received any reports that Mr Key continues to oppose Working for Families as too generous to people, and can she confirm that Working for Families delivered $100 a week to the average Kiwi family, which could not have been delivered by changes to tax rates?

Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: It is absolutely true that when the Labour Government made its choices about where to cut taxes it decided to cut them first for families rather than spreading the amount of money available thinly across every other taxpayer. That was our judgment and we stand by it because families carry out arguably the most important job in our society. My understanding is that the National Party's position-articulated, it is true by Mr English, not Mr Key-is that our Government invests too much in Working for Families and, indeed, too much in superannuation and savings.[/quote]

The best hit of the day goes to John Key with this;

[quote]John Key: In preparing her conference speech this year, which praised tax cuts, did the Prime Minister get any advice from the Labour Party leader, who announced at Labour's 2000 conference that "Tax cuts are a path to inequality. They are the promises of a visionless and intellectually bankrupt people."?[/quote]

Helen Clark has described herself as "visionless and intellectually bankrupt"……nothing like your own words coming back to haunt you.