High Court agrees to urgent Electoral Finance Bill hearing

High Court agrees to urgent Electoral Finance Bill hearingThe High Court at Wellington has agreed to urgently hear an application for a judicial review of the Electoral Finance Bill.
Justice Denis Clifford considered the application in chambers yesterday, plaintiff John Boscawen said….
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The legal action argued the proposed legislation would be in breach of the Bill of Rights Act. Mr Boscawen said he sought an urgent review, as Parliament's justice and electoral committee indicated it intended to report the legislation on January 25.

Parliament can pass the legislation once it is reported back by the committee.

Fortunately the Judge has put in a provision that if the government tries to ram it through they will urgently hear the case. Now the High Court can't stop the bill but it can embarrass the Government.

The Free Speech Coalition has contributed towards this case and more money is needed to fight them. You can donate at the Kill the Bill site.?