Is anyone else worried about this?

Government takes control of real estate industry – 06 Nov 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

I have thought long and hard about the effective nationalisation of the Real Estate industry by the government. I mean it is hard to disagree with slapping real estate agents in general,, its kind of like slapping politicians an car dealers isn’t it, kind of a public service.

However, I do find it strange how the government has gone about this. It is all very draconian, and sudden and was there really a big vocal call for the agents to be dealt to?

It seems to me to be regulation for the sake of it and creating more bureaucracy, but the more chilling effect would be that if you draw the ire of the all powerful state they will regulate you out of existence.

They did it to Telecom, a publicly listed company no less, now they are effectively controlling multiple private businesses through their regulation of the Real Estate industry, what next Car Dealers, Car Importers, Dentists, Taxi Cabs, Corner Dairies????

While we are talking about Dentists why is it that Doctors are effectively regulated and controlled on how much they can earn but a Dentist isn’t? How come we have regulation and control of one part of the medical sector and not another.

I shudder to think where we will go, if you argue that Kiwi’s largest asset needs protecting and agree with the government explanations for controls then you will surely have to nod sagely when the government says that food supply is too important to not have controls over it and they nationalise supermarkets.

You may laugh but I think we have reached, nay exceeded the point when the government just keeps on dreaming up more and more things to control and report and manage and manipulate.

I find myself more and more agreeing with the Libertarians amongst us.

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